Popular culture exalts “youth” as the pinnacle of life, but offers little guidance for how students move into the maturity necessary to build a life of “godliness with contentment” (1 Timothy 6:6). Within this vacuum of long-term, biblical vision, how can we prepare students for an entire lifetime of faithfulness to Christ, far beyond graduation?

The Blueprints Bible course walks students through the seven major stages of life, unpacking the specific opportunities and challenges of each stage. With biblical theology as the foundation, along with research and insights from other disciplines, students will gain clarity about their present season of life while also discovering a hopeful and realistic vision for their future as followers of Christ.

Blueprints is created by the same author as the #LiveFully Bible curriculum. While #LiveFully unlocks how following Christ fills the 7 areas of life and culture, Blueprints unveils how following Christ fills the 7 unique stages of life and how to embrace God’s gift in every season. Though these courses are complimentary, they both stand alone and do not depend on each other for effective use in the classroom.